Red Cabbage with sausage and boiled potatoes

This is a great hearty dish, very commonly eaten by working class people and farmers.
It is a great winter warmer, but it can be eaten at any time of the year.
This dish will surely leave you full of energy.
Feeds 2 to 3.
For the cabbage:
  • 1 Red Cabbage
  • 1 Eating Apple
  • A Knob of butter

For the potatoes:

1.5 kilo of potatoes.

For the sausage:

750 grammes of sausage (preferably pork or pork/beef).

Method :

Chop the cabbage, put in a saucepan with water, bring to the boil and simmer for 15 mins. While the cabbage is cooking, peel, core and chop the apple into small pieces. Melt the knob of butter and saute the apple. When the cabbage is cooked drain the water away and add to the apple.Give the cabbage and apple a good stir and simmer for 10 mins + – stirring occasionally.

In the mean time, bring the peeled and quartered potatoes to the boil in lightly salted water for about 15 minutes. When done, drain off the water, put back on the fire for a few seconds while lifting pan off a few times and shaking gently.

At the same time, fry your sausages in a bit of butter until nice and brown.

Serve the cabbage with the potatoes and sausages, and pour the juice from the sausages over your potatoes and cabbage.

Country of origin: Flanders.


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